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264 s. 10th st.

philadelphia, pa 19107

call us: (267) 909-9962

text us: (267) 293-9129

open mon-sat

10am to 7pm



How did your company get started?

One day, sitting on the couch, minding my business, I had a thought... why don't we celebrate breadheads more? I mean, we live in a carb-loving world? So, I created a page purely on a whim and posted one, two, three pictures. Next thing I knew, I was contacted by different media sources to talk about my page. Three years later, we have a 10,000+ community and a full line of gluten-full products!

What is "...With Bread"?

We started as the instagram page @boyswithbread and quickly grew to add @girlswithbread, @headswithbread, and @verymuchkneaded. Ultimately, we don't want anyone to feel excluded from our community or products. So, we want to celebrate ANYTHING and ANYONE ... with bread. It's the umbrella brand of all of our work!

How long have you been selling merchandise?

We started our online shop in 2019 with a few hat designs. But things really started rolling when we released our 2021 Boys With Bread calendar. We sold out in three weeks! Today, we offer a variety of products to suit your carboholic fantasies.

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264 s. 10th street

philadelphia, pa 19107

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monday, 10am to 7pm

wednesday - saturday, 10am to 7pm

Call Us: (267) 909-9962

Text Us: (267) 293-9129